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What's Happening?

12. Apr, 2016

Are you the product of where you are?

If I was a Cornish writer would I be better than a Kent writer? What about a Scots writer? What do you think?

(I'm a Kent writer, btw. I come from Folkestone.)

23. Mar, 2016

Website is Up and Running.

Apparently the website will be up and running soon... That's the writing biz, I guess...

24. Mar, 2016

Comedy - Character or Situation?

What's your opinion. Add your comments to the guestbook.

12. Apr, 2016

What makes you laugh?

Quaint English humour or stylish American humor?

We are all to busy to write, and most of what we write lacks the mon juste-so let Off The Peg Writing Services do it for you!